Some fun updates

Hello! I am emerging from my binge watch of Shadow & Bone (I’m at episode 6! I’m in love with everyone!) to announce several pieces of fun LAKESEDGE news~

New release date

My book birthday and my real birthday are now happening in the same week - LAKESEDGE will debut on the 28th of September, which is a few weeks earlier than previous. I am so excited, and can’t wait for you all to meet my goth lake kids in five (!!) months! Links for the US preorders can be found here.

UK Preorders are now live

For all my UK friends, preorder links are now available! LAKESEDGE will release with Titan in October, and I think it will have a unique cover which I am very excited about.

Waterstones | Forbidden Planet | Amazon | Book Depository

LAKESEDGE is at Yallwest

It was just after the 2019 Yallwest that I found out my book was being considered by an editor, so it feels extra special that this year, Fierce Reads is featuring LAKESEDGE in their Fall 2021 preview giveaway. You can enter to win a whole set of eARCS~

Thank you all for your support so far - it means so much to me xx