LAKESEDGE annotated scene

It’s been a strange few months full of debut stress, secret plans, and big changes. Recently my US editor left for a wonderful new job, so I’ve been settling in with the new team. It’s fairly common for editors to move around and I know so many authors who have been through this - but it’s still a big adjustment. Luckily everyone at the publisher has been very supportive, and I’m excited to launch my book into the world with them in September.

Recently, LAKESEDGE reached 5,000 adds on goodreads. Thank you so much to everyone who has added or reviewed my book so far. It means so much to me!

To celebrate I’m going to share an annotated snippet from one of my favourite scenes. This is one of Leta and Rowan’s first conversations after she reaches the estate, and I love how much it shows about their relationship dynamic. A version of this scene has been in the book since almost the first draft, which is very fun~

Also, in case you missed it, I revealed the UK cover for LAKESEDGE recently. Designer Natasha MacKenzie created the most lush, beautiful image for my book! You can view it (along with UK preorder links) here.

As always, thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. I should have more fun things to share over the next months, including my Australian cover reveal (eep!). In the meanwhile, you can add LAKESEDGE on goodreads or find ARC request information here.