Happy (almost) North American book birthday to LAKESEDGE

One more sleep until LAKESEDGE is released in North America! Some copies have been making their way into the world early, and it’s been so wonderfully surreal to see photos of my book on shelves all the way across the ocean from me. My author copies arrived last week and they are beyond beautiful - a glossy cover, raised metallic title, and beautiful red endpapers.

As release day comes closer, I find myself thinking of all the times when I dreamed of this moment. When I was at university, writing the weird short story which was the seedling idea for LAKESEDGE. When I sent my first query. When I saw the email from my agent saying how much she loved my book. When I heard that my book was going to acquisitions at a publisher. And all of the rejections, the times where I felt such doubt, where it truly felt like this would never happen. I don’t know if I can ever express the gratitude I have for being here, and for everyone - my agent, my editors, booksellers, readers - who have believed in me along the way.

In so many ways, a debut book feels like such a make-or-break moment. But I truly hope that LAKESEDGE is just the first stone set down in what will be a long career path for me. Even with all of the stress and uncertainty, I love being an author and I feel so happy that I am able to share my words with all of you. And that I can do it all over again, next year, in FORESTFALL.

I have two wonderful (free, virtual) events this week to celebrate my release, and I hope you will be able to attend. On September 28th, I will be in conversation with Erin A. Craig at Books & Books - Erin has been such an inspiration to me, and I can’t wait to talk about all things spooky with her! On September 30th, Cyla Panin and I will be chatting about gothic books at Mysterious Galaxy - I adore Cyla’s debut, STALKING SHADOWS, and this event will be so much fun.

Thank you again, so much, to everyone who has been here. I hope you’ll enjoy spending this spooky season at Lakesedge Estate with my gothy, bad-choice-making, lake kids.